We are a martial arts school as well as a fitness center.

Our goal is to reach out and impact our community with positivity and love. Our programs include traditional Taekwondo and Personal Fitness.

Additionally, Agape Learning Academy offers After School and Summer Camp programs.

When people enter our school, it is our goal to make them feel welcome and a part of our family. Our gym memberships are $25 per month and FREE if you or someone in your family signs up for martial arts classes! We want to bring families closer together. Instead of dropping off a child or family member for classes and leaving, we invite you to stay and benefit from exercise. It means a lot to your children when you take an interest in what they are doing!

Our school is proud to have a sponsorship program in place for children who are less fortunate. Reaching out to the community means doing whatever we can to help children get off of the street and in to a safe and positive environment. So many families today struggle with a variety of issues ranging from divorce, death of a parent, or unemployment. The children have to cope with these changes but they can not do it alone! We at Agape’ understand that there is always a cause for the effect. Most people focus on the effects; our focus is on the cause.